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Music Legend John McLaughlin at ARMA, Ubud on 18 October 2015

Music legend John McLaughlin at the ARMA in Ubud on 18 October 2015. What a treat! He and his 4th Dimension will perform with one of Indonesia’s best, Dewa Budjana, an amazing guitarist and songwriter. This one off concert in Bali will be an evening to remember for every music lover.

bridges as proud sponsor of the concert is giving away free tickets to the concert. Visit our facebook page and find out how YOU can be the winner of one of them. Or just come buy at the restaurant and buy your ticket here or otherwise online via

John’s amazing career started in the late 1960ies in England. First performing with other great musicians, like Miles David, he then in the early seventies formed his own band, the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Read more about his musical career on his website. More about Dewa Budjana here.

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Meet our Head Chef, Wayan Sukarta

Wayan was born in Tampaksiring to a family of cooks where recipes were passed from one generation to the next. Therefore, Wayan’s decision to become a cook himself was not a big surprise. He is always eager to learn, to create something new and to make experiments. His passion for his métier and for bridges shows on your plate!

After his studies, he went abroad and gained experience by working in Kuwait, the Seychelles, Miami as well as on cruise ships and in well-known restaurants in Bali. Wayan joined bridges in 2014 and was promoted to Head Chef in May 2015. This position was a welcome challenge to him and he is eager to be a good example for his team. Obviously, he is doing a good job about it as he is well loved and respected by everyone.

Wayan likes to spend his free time out in the nature, gardening, growing vegetables, taking care of his pets and being with his family. He and his wife are expecting their second child very shortly. He also likes to do sports.

By the way, his favourite dish from our current menu is the Lamb Trio, three delicious variations of lamb, giving an interesting bouquet of tastes.

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bridges’ Ginger-Lemongrass Mojito Recipe

There is a cocktail for every occasion, for any time of the day. And our bar team really knows how to mix them, when to shake and when to stir. Put them to test at your next visit. Here an easy recipe for you to try at home, a favorite of our guests, the Ginger-Lemongrass Mojito.


  • light rum, 60ml
  • fresh lemongrass, about half a stalk, sliced
  • fresh ginger, 2-3cm, sliced
  • lime wedges, one lime
  • mint leaves, 20-15 leaves
  • sugar, 2 teaspoons
  • lemonade, Sprite or similar, about 40-60 ml
  • crushed ice, approx. one cup
  • ice cubes, 3-4 pieces
  • lemongrass juice, 45ml

How to mix

  • in a mixing cup, muddle lemongrass, ginger and sugar
    (be careful if you use glass, it might break easily)
  • when well muddled, add lime, mint and muddle some more
  • add the rum
  • add lemongrass juice
  • add the ice cubes
  • shake well
  • double strain
  • pour in a high ball glass, add crushed ice and top with lemonade
  • garnish with lemongrass stalk and mint leaves

Enjoy – cheers!

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Meet Dewa Ngakan Gede Hendrawan, bridges Restaurant Manager

Dewa joined the team couple of months before the opening in December 2010 and was involved in developing the procedures for the Front of House staff in the complete makeover that was taking place. He clearly has done a great job as bridges continually receives high marks for its outstanding service and the competence of its staff.

As acknowledgement of his performance, Dewa was promoted to Restaurant Manager in September 2013 and under his leadership, the restaurant continues to grow. It has become a culinary destination in Ubud and has received many awards, like TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice, Tatler’s Best Restaurants in Indonesia or the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. We had a little chat with him:

What did you do before bridges?

I was working as waiter at La Lucciola, a famous Italian restaurant in Seminyak, for five years.

And what made you move to bridges?

I was looking for new challenges and also wanted to avoid the unbearable traffic down south. bridges seemed like a perfect fit for me at that time – and it did turn out to be exactly that!

What were the challenges when you just started here?

My main challenge was to grow from a simple waiter to become the floor supervisor of a brand new concept, besides hiring and training the staff. I also had to learn about leading a team while adapting to the vision. This was very different from what I had been doing before.

What did you learn from those challenges?

There are many memorable lessons but what I found most remarkable was learning how to start a business from square one and to maintain that business on a high level.

How has bridges developed under your helm?

I cannot really take much credit for that as it has been a true teamwork. Everyone involved has been equally responsible for the outcome. bridges is like a big family and everybody is contributing their best, you can really feel it here. I am very proud of our staff and enjoy working with the whole team.

Where do you see bridges in the next few years?

I would like to cement its position as an Ubud culinary icon where romance remains its best feature. That is my goal and what I hope to realise within that timeframe. We have many new projects in store as well, ready to launched soon…

What is your favourite dish at bridges?

Hmmm… that’s tough. Indonesian tapas? Honestly, I cannot just pick one. So many delicious dishes and more coming all the time.

Apart from managing bridges, do you pursue any other interests?

I am quite a busy person so I do not really have much time to pursue a hobby. But whenever I have free time, I love to travel and I enjoy spending time with my small family, my wife and my son.

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Music Legend John McLaughlin at ARMA, Ubud on 18 October 2015
Meet our Head Chef, Wayan Sukarta
bridges’ Ginger-Lemongrass Mojito Recipe
Meet Dewa Ngakan Gede Hendrawan, bridges Restaurant Manager