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Essence of Bali

Pencil drawing by Ketut Susana

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The full collection can be viewed at bridges during the exhibition until 31 December 2015.

The pictures are framed and have borders around them. The sizes are without the border. For easy transport, the pictures are also available without frame and border.

If you are interested in purchasing the drawings, please contact us using the form below or email us at contact@bridgesbalicom.

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Ketut Susana

Pencil drawing artist

I Ketut Gede Susana was born in Apuan in 1986. He took the Visual Art stream at SMKN 1 Denpasar and expanded his studies by majoring in Painting at ISI Denpasar. He already gained numerous painting awards as a student. However, it was the realism genre that really got him hooked.

Susana’s works are mostly inspired by the Balinese culture and nature and have been showcased in nearly dozen exhibitions. He hopes that his works will inspire people to conserve the uniqueness of his island.

He currently teaches at SLB Negeri Bangli, a school dedicated to explore the potential of disabled students, and is proud to be a part in building a better future for the students. 20% of the sales proceeds will therefore be donated to the school, to help buy material and equipment for the students.

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