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Wayan Aksara Photography

Click on the pictures to see size and price. The full collection can be viewed at bridges during the exhibition until 31 December 2015.

The pictures are framed and have borders around them. The sizes are without the border. For easy transport, the pictures are also available without frame and border.

If you are interested in purchasing the photos, please contact us using the form below or email us at contact@bridgesbalicom.

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Wayan Aksara


Wayan Aksara was born 1970 into an artistic family in Gianyar. Sculpting has been the livelihood of his family for generations and his grandfather also regularly organised art activities like mask dance workshops, janger and barong performances. All this exposure to art since his earliest childhood made Wayan feel compelled to preserve Balinese culture and he founded the Lilacita workshop in 2000. In his activities, he regularly communicates with numerous grassroots art communities and has gained the recognition of senior Balinese artists. Together with the National University of Singapore, Wayan is working on further promoting Balinese culture there – his workshop was chosen to perform annually at Singapore’s performing arts center, the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. Through his involvement in the world of art, Wayan was introduced to photography and felt tempted to try. He believes that photography has the power to capture real life and it would be a missed opportunity not to document Balinese life properly. He feels that the world needs to see the beauty of it also through the lens of a local. Wayan’s work was previously showcased at Puri Ageng Blahbatuh and Kuta Bex. With his exhibition at bridges, Wayan would like to help support I Komang Adi. Komang, 20, is a young man from Tenganan Pegringsingan village and suffers from cerebral palsy which confines him to a wheelchair. The funds raised will help him cover his medical and living expenses and enable him a little bit easier life.

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