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We are happy to welcome Pasek in his role as our new restaurant manager.

Energetic, passionate and service-oriented, bridges’ new Restaurant Manager Pasek Suarmita believes that ensuring positive energy and a happy atmosphere at the restaurant is one of his primary tasks. What else is important to him, how he plans to reach his goals and more about him here in our little chat:

How do you feel about being bridges’ new Restaurant Manager?

I feel very lucky and so happy about it. I had visited bridges several times before joining the team. As a member of the Indonesian Sommelier Association, I was invited to the many wine tastings taking place here. During these visits, the feel of bridges fascinated me; a perfect combination of pure classic, Balinese ambiance with casual fine dining food and an amazing wine collection. I told myself that I would work here someday. When the opportunity came it was like a dream coming true.

Why did you choose Food and Beverage industry and what did you do before joining?

In my childhood, I had only one simple dream, to meet new people. This brought me to the hospitality Industry and for past 12 years I worked in many places, including 6 years on a cruise ship, met lots of people and learned many things. My last position was Assistant Restaurant Manager at The Samaya Ubud.

 What is your biggest challenge as the new manager?

I have a very good feeling since the first day. The team is welcoming and willing to work with a new member. Feels like home, to be honest. Of course, the challenge is to maintain the already excellent standard at bridges, keeping our guests happy and ensuring that the restaurant remains the culinary icon it is today. With the great team here, though, I am confident that I will be able to reach that goal.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I still enjoy my childhood dream, meeting new people. I like to spread positive energy among the team and the guests. Everybody has their own problems, but I want to make sure that each person entering bridges has a positive feeling. I will encourage the staff to be happy, attentive, and focus on what the guests are expecting from them.  Whenever I finish my ‘behind the table’ tasks, I will go to the dining room and the bar, talk to the guests, find out how their experience with us has been. Every time, I learn so much from these conversations.

What is your favorite dish and wine?

I love the Pan-seared barramundi and Merlot.

What is your motto?

It is simple: Do your best.

What are your other interests?

Music, I am a big fan of Bali’s rock group Superman is Dead.


Pasek is looking forward to meeting you at your next visit and to ensure you have an unforgettable dining experience.

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Meet Pasek Suarmita, Our New Restaurant Manager