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Bridging Romance Reservation

Create magic moments.
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If your reservation is less than 24 hours away,
please give us a call at (+62) 361 970095.

Make it a truly romantic evening – lock your love forever!

Make your order by clicking the box of your choice

 Bring your own padlock – Free of charge Heart-shaped engraved padlock – Rp. 150 Classic-shaped engraved padlock – Rp. 150 Heart-shaped unengraved padlock – Rp. 110 Classic-shaped unengraved padlock – Rp. 110 6 roses – Rp. 75 2 glasses of Kir Royal – Rp. 210 2 glasses of sparkling wine – Rp. 195 2 glasses of bridges lemonade – Rp. 60 Rainbow bridge - three course menu for 2 - Rp. 880 Richmond bridge - three course menu for 2 - Rp. 940 À la carte menu

If you order engraved padlock

View Richmond bridge menu | View Rainbow bridge menu
View sample of heart-shaped engraved padlock | View sample of classic-shaped engraved padlock

Prices are in rupiah ‘000s. All prices are for 2 persons.
Final bill will include an additional 10% tax and 7% service charge

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